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Tehzeeb Hafi

Tehzeeb Hafi is a young Pakistani poet who was born on December 5, 1989 in Retra, Tehsil Taunsa Sharif (Dera Ghazi Khan District). He did his MA in Urdu from Bahawalpur University after doing software engineering from Mehran University, and is nowadays based in Lahore.

Tehzeeb Hafi's poetry is known for its new style and beautiful accent. He is a master of the ghazal form, and his poems often deal with themes of love, loss, and nature. His work is characterized by its simplicity, honesty, and emotional depth.

Tehzeeb Hafi is one of the most popular poets of the younger generation in Pakistan. His work has been featured in several anthologies, and he has won numerous awards for his poetry. He is also a well-known blogger and social media personality.

Here are some of Tehzeeb Hafi's most popular poems:

  • "Tera Chup Rahna Mere Zehn Mein Kya Baith Gaya"
  • "Kise Khabar Hai Ki Umar Bas Us Pe Ghaur Karne Mein Kat Rahi Hai"
  • "Parai Aag Pe Roti Nahin Banaunga"
  • "Ye Ek Baat Samajhne Mein Raat Ho Gayi Hai"
  • "Batai Ai Abr Musawat Kyon Nahin Karta"
  • "Influenza Se Corona Tak"
  • "Kitna Arsa Laga Na-Umidi Ke Parbat Se Patthar Hatate Hue"

Tehzeeb Hafi is a talented poet who is sure to continue to grow in popularity in the years to come. His work is a valuable contribution to the Urdu literary tradition.

Poet - Tehzeeb Hafi
Birth Details : etra, Tehsil Taunsa Sharif (Dera Ghazi Khan District), Pakistan, December 5, 1989