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Ibn-e-Insha (15 June 1927 – 11 January 1978) was a Pakistani Urdu poet, humorist, travelogue writer, and newspaper columnist. He was known for his satirical wit and his use of simple language.

Ibn-e-Insha was born in Phillaur tehsil of Jalandhar District, Punjab, India. His real name was Sher Muhammad Khan. He began writing poetry at a young age, and his first collection of poems, Ghazal-e-Ibn-e-Insha (The Ghazals of Ibn-e-Insha), was published in 1953. He went on to publish over 20 more collections of poetry, as well as several novels, short stories, and essays.

Ibn-e-Insha's poetry is known for its satirical wit, its use of simple language, and its focus on themes of social commentary and the human condition. He was a master of the Urdu ghazal, and his poems often use nature imagery to express his emotions. He was also a prolific writer of nazms, or free-verse poems.

Ibn-e-Insha's poetry has been translated into several languages, and he is considered one of the greatest Urdu poets of all time. He was awarded the Pride of Performance Award, Pakistan's third-highest civilian award, in 1976.

Ibn-e-Insha died in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1978. He was 50 years old. His tomb is a popular tourist destination, and his poetry continues to be read and admired by people all over the world.

Here are some of his most famous works:

  • Ghazals: "Kal Chaudahvin Ki Raat Thi, Shab Bhar Raha Charcha Tera", "Mera Dil To Tera Hi Parwana Hai", "Kuchh To Hogi Barbaadi Ki Waja"
  • Nazms: "Shor-o-Ghuroor Se Parda Uthao", "Yeh Zindagi Hai Kya", "Dil Badal Gaya Hai"
  • Novels: "Aina-e-Hayat", "Aaina-e-Zauq"
  • Short stories: "Yaad-e-Aastan", "Kaghazi Phool", "Chhaya Aur Phool"

Poet - Ibn-e-Insha
Birth Details : Phillaur tehsil of Jalandhar District, Punjab, India, 15 June 1927